Lockable Wheel-Based
Vehicle Restraint

POWERCHOCK® 7 is a new generation wheel restraint system with a locking mechanism that locks the chock onto the ground plate for an additional protection.

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Thanks to the foot-operated electromagnetic locking mechanism of the POWERCHOCK® 7, the wheel chock locks onto the restraining plate anchored to the ground to provide an additional level of safety.


The POWERCHOCK® 7  is composed of a high-strength steel wheel chock that is 40cm high, and that can be placed up to 4,50 meters from the dock wall, on a restraining plate anchored to the ground.

■ Equipped with a simple and intuitive locking mechanism
■ The wheel chock being mechanically locked onto the restraining plate, the driver cannot remove the chock during loading / unloading
Easy handling with the help of an articulated and ergonomic arm making the required lifting force less than 10 kg
■ Autonomous return of the chock at resting position next to the loading dock confirmed by sensor

It includes four sensors (arm, wheel, plate and door) connected to an audio-visual communication system – indoor and outdoor.

Lockable wheel chock POWERCHOCK 7


To make it easier for the driver to move the chock of the POWERCHOCK® 7 system , it can be equipped with a trolley.

Ergonomic and easy to use, the driver will be able to put the chock in place quickly and without effort.

Thanks to its robustness, the trolley can be used for a long time.

Functional, the trolley is proposed in option.

Wheel chock Powerchock 7 locked onto restraining plate


Simple and efficient communication between the driver and the workers thanks to the control box inside, and the audio-visual alarm (red-green LED lights + audible signal) outside:

■ Interfaced with the door and the leveler controls
■ Customizable control programme with self-checking electrical components


See the POWERCHOCK® 7 in action.

Semi-Trailer secured with lockable POWERCHOCK 7 wheel restraint at loading dock
Truck driver moves the POWERCHOCK 7 chock with handle
Wheel chock POWERCHOCK 7 set up in front of truck wheel on ground plate
POWERCHOCK 7 truck restraint in resting position on warehouse wall
Locking mechanism of POWERCHOCK 7 chock provides increased level of safety
Zoom on POWERCHOCK 7 wheel chock base and groundplate

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