For 25 years, GMR Safety has been operating with a strategic focus on people, whether through our products – to protect the lives of loading dock workers – with our partners or our employees. It is this positioning that has shaped our POWERCHOCK solutions.

Discover the major milestones that defined the GMR Safety’s growth.



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Founded in 1996 in Montreal, GMR Safety quickly became one of North America’s leading loading dock safety equipment providers.
With the POWERCHOCK restraint systems at the forefront of our innovation, our partnership culture, service model and proven product line have taken us to where we are today: all over the world.

As we extended our simple and indestructible safety internationally, GMR Safety became #1 in Europe. Our approach to partnerships over profit, service over speed and quality over quantity is embedded in everything we do. These values have built a service model that supports every client – from pre-purchase to post-purchase and every step in between.

Today, we’re proud to be anchored in more than 25 countries across the globe, serving some of the world’s largest companies.


GMR Safety sign on office facade
1996-the first model of POWERCHOCK wheel chock

When it all started

GMR Safety installs its first wheel chock equipped with articulated arm in Montreal, Quebec.

This results in less risk for loading dock operators and provides more peace of mind for drivers.

2003-Creation of POWERCHOCK 5 with ergonomic arm

The POWERCHOCK 5 is born !

A new chock with angled teeth is introduced and the ingenuity of the POWERCHOCK concept is established.

The  POWERCHOCK 5 provides maximum restraint for unexpected departures and has ergonomic features thanks to its articulated arm, to keep the truck driver engaged in his personal safety


2007-GMR Safety goes to the United States

Crossing borders

GMR Safety goes international as loading bays in the USA start to be equipped with POWERCHOCK wheel restraint systems

2012-Launch of the POWERCHOCK 3 portable wheel lock system

Designing POWERCHOCK 3

A new model of wheel blocking system is launched : the POWERCHOCK 3 !

Equipped with a handle, the POWERCHOCK 3 is flexible, easy-to-operate and designed to meet a variety of operational needs.

2014-GMR Safety expands in Europe

First steps in Europe

GMR Safety enters the European market and rapidly gains success.

2018-New branding for POWERCHOCK which changes its color

Better and bigger

■ A powerful image for a powerful brand: the POWERCHOCK gets a new elegant and inspiring look.

■ Thanks to expanding market shares and growing success, GMR Safety establishes its first European subsidiary in Lyon, France.

2021-GMR Safety logo 25th anniversary

Aiming higher and bigger

■ GMR Safety unveils its new premises. In response to the company’s sales growth, the size of the production plant and the offices is tripled, allowing the employees to enjoy an optimized work environment.

■ The corporate image of GMR Safety is revisited. A new color reinforces its identity : blue, symbolic of trust, reliability and positivity.

■ GMR Safety celebrates its 25th anniversary.


The introduction of POWERCHOCK AUTO: The automatic restraint system

The POWERCHOCK AUTO is now available on the market, offering an automatic solution for securing the trailer during handling operations while eliminating the need for manual intervention by the driver.

The Power of WHY.
WHY we do what we do. For you.

Our mission


Each of these words carries powerful meaning.

■ Together. Teamwork is at the heart of our success. We are a cohesive, passionate team united by one key factor: enjoying work. This bond allows us to constantly take on new challenges and puts people at the heart of our success.

■ Innovating. Quality and innovation have always driven us. We create, manufacture and adapt systems designed to effectively improve the safety of loading dock operations – while meeting the constraints of our customers and partners.

■ For life. Safety being the driving force behind
GMR Safety, our solutions are designed to protect human beings. Our products are robust, developed to last over time and recognized as the best restraint systems to prevent untimely departures.

Our ambition

There’s power in life.

As long as lives are threatened at loading docks, we’ll strive to develop effective safety solutions to save them.

Our values

There’s power in our values. Our core beliefs drive us and will help you get to know us.



Our obsession with innovation.

Needs change. Situations change. Life changes. And technology has to change accordingly, constantly.

That’s why we’ve been a step ahead in product innovation for 25 years. The voice of you – the customer – is our greatest guide as we use the latest in AI technology and R&D at every level of product design and implementation.



Our strength in teamwork.

Our team is our engine, our soul and our family. Together, our passion and dedication drives all that we do. We have deep respect for all of our partners and we strive to understand you – your expertise, your diverse businesses, your loading docks, your vehicles and your people. Our team shares a common purpose – to work together to give you the best solution possible.



Our love of what we do.

We take great joy in serving you. That’s all there is to it.

In fact, it is this passion shared by our entire team that allows us to offer all of our clients and partners highly personalized service.