We make loading docks safe. And we build partnerships. Long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency.

See how our approach and our Powerchock vehicle restraints help our customers achieve their workplace safety goals.


Each project is unique. The industrial sectors are different, and so are the needs. But they all have one thing in common: the safety objective.

Find out how our truck restraint systems help companies offer safe working conditions for the wellbeing of their material handlers at loading docks.


Powerchock truck restraints keep food giant safe

Alexander Simm, the Fleet & Facility Manager at SYSCO Pittsburgh talks to GMR Safety about the company’s successful use of the POWERCHOCK vehicle restraint system.

Industry: building materials distribution
Vehicle restraint model: ergonomic POWERCHOCK 5
Quantity: 35 facilities across the USA

Loading docks SGWS facility Powerchock trailer restraints

Raising the glass to better dock safety

SGWS (Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits) has been using the POWERCHOCK vehicle restraints since 2008. GMR Safety talks to Mark Booth, VP of Supply Chain technology of the beverage distributor in North America.

Industry: wine and spirits distributor in North America
Vehicle restraint model: ergonomic POWERCHOCK 5
Quantity: 450 vehicle restraints installed at 19 facilities in the US


Saint Gobain, the choice of POWERCHOCK safety

All the loading docks of the strategic warehouse of Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France in Brie-Comte-Robert, next to Paris, are equipped with POWERCHOCK wheel chocks.

Industry: building materials distribution
Vehicle restraint model: portable POWERCHOCK 3
Quantity: 81 loading docks



Powerchock vehicle restraints keeping KUEHNE+NAGEL trucks at a standstill

“The way Powerchock works is visually very obvious. It is not rocket science and this gives you the confidence that it is going to do its job” says Stefaan Henderieckx, Senior Operations Manager at Kuehne+Nagel’s new European distribution centre in the town of Tessenderlo in the Flanders region of Belgium.


Industry: logistics company
Vehicle restraint model: lockable POWERCHOCK 7 (available in Europe only)
Quantity: 67 loading docks


For ID Logistics, POWERCHOCK is an efficient solution to reduce accident risks at loading docks

ID Logistics intends to respond to these issues by positioning itself as a benchmark company in terms of health and safety at work. Equipping loading docks with vehicle restraint systems is therefore a real necessity for the international contract logistics group.

Industry: contract logistics
Vehicle restraint model: portable POWERCHOCK 3
Quantity: 286 systems installed at 10 logistics facilities

Martin Brower logistics facility secured with lorry lock POWERCHOCK

Martin Brower, A Five-Star Partner with a “Zero Accident” Goal

Martin Brower France, the exclusive logistics provider for the world’s leading fast-food company, was among the first partners of the Canadian manufacturer to implement the innovative POWERCHOCK wheel lock system.

Industry: Logistics, Transport & Distribution | Fast food
Vehicle restraint model: ergonomic POWERCHOCK 5
Quantity: 9 logistics centres in France


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