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Proven for over 25 years, the Powerchock® is a wheel-based restraining system consisting of a high-strength steel chock and a restraining plate anchored in the ground. Together, these components effectively restrain all types of vehicles at the loading docks where they are assigned. When backing the truck up to the loading dock, the driver must align the wheels with the restraint plate. Once it is in place, the driver must get out of the vehicle and place the chock behind one of the rear wheels. This system is also served by a communication system comprising traffic lights and audible alarms informing the personnel inside, and the driver outside, of the position of the hold and the availability of the loading dock. Entirely designed, tested and shipped from our head office in Quebec (Canada), the Powerchock® is subject to strict Canadian quality standards and is protected by patents in many countries around the world.
To discover all the benefits of our Powerchock, please visit our BENEFITS & WARRANTY page. Detailed information on the various models is available on the product pages.

We offer a variety of systems adapted to our customers' technical and financial constraints:
POWERCHOCK 3® | Portable
POWERCHOCK 5® | Ergonomic
Powerchock is made up of a range of systems designed to meet the different needs, expectations and constraints of our customers.
Our Comparison Table will give you an overview of the features of each of these systems. If you would like personalized support or have any questions, our team will be happy to provide you with advice and assist you with your project.
All types of transport and delivery vehicle can benefit from the Powerchock® restraint system. In America, these include: ■ Semi-trailers up to 53' with or without ICC / RIG bar ■ Trucks with tailgate ■ Straight trucks ■ Delivery vans
The underride bar, also known as the ICC (interstate commerce commission) bar or the RIG (rear impact guard) bar, is used to restrain a semi-trailer at the loading dock. However, in over 25% of cases, when the trailer arrives at the loading dock, the ICC/RIG bar is either missing or damaged. In such a situation, it becomes impossible for personnel to secure the loading dock area. A very important factor to consider is that the holding force of the majority of hook models on the market is around 30,000 lbs, whereas the holding force of the Powerchock® wheel restraining solution reaches 50,000 lbs. Rail-mounted systems are another option on the market. Once again, we note that this solution is not infallible, and leads to frequent breakages during untimely departures: the pressure force exerted by the wheel on the locking arm causes torsion by transmission to the rail. The holding force of some models of hooks available on the market is about 30,000 lbs. As for the Powerchock®, its robustness ensures effective wheel restraining without damaging the restraint equipment. The pressure exerted by the wheel on the chock is received directly from the front. The teeth of the chock then grip the crossbars of the restraining plate and the vehicle is immobilized. In addition to being patented, our customers will tell you that the performance of the Powerchock® restraint system is unrivalled in terms of reliability, durability and ease of use.
If the driver fails to place the chock safely in front of the wheel, the operator inside the warehouse will not be able to open the dock door or deploy the leveler. The Powerchock® system is equipped with a number of sensors located inside the chock, on the dock, on the door or on the leveler, which send a signal to the communication box. By placing the Powerchock® behind the truck wheel, and using the audible and light (green/red) signals, the communication box will emit a GREEN light, informing the operator that it is safe to start loading/unloading.


Unique in the industry for its duration, our 5-year warranty covers the Powerchock® and restraining plate if installed and used correctly for their intended purpose, from the date of delivery and despite any attempts of early departure. For more details, see the BENEFITS & WARRANTY page.
All Powerchock® models are manufactured to the highest industry standards using top-quality components. Many of our customers have been equipped with our systems for over 15 years. Whether by its design or choice of materials, the Powerchock® restraining system has been built to resist and to last.
Yes, GMR Safety is the only manufacturer to offer a guarantee covering the chock and restraining plate even in the event of an unexpected departure. This exceptional 5-year guarantee is unique on the market. It covers the durability of the restraining plate, when correctly installed, and the Powerchock®, from the date of delivery under normal use and despite attempts to leave the loading dock prematurely.
For more details, see the BENEFITS & WARRANTY page.
Unlike the hook models on the market, which have a holding force of around 30,000 lbs,
Powerchock wheel restraint solutions stand out with a holding force of up to 50,000 lbs.
No scheduled periodic inspection is required for the warranty to remain in effect. However, visual inspections can be carried out by the customer himself or by the service provider of his choice. For more details, see the WARRANTY AND BENEFITS page.


Following the installation of Powerchock® wheel restraining solutions at your site, a certified team will provide a short training session to familiarise warehouse operators and drivers with the system. This short training period is due to the simplicity of using the system and will make the transition much easier for your teams.
See our video at the bottom of the POWERCHOCK® page.
The Powerchock® restraint system performs all year round and in all types of climate. Having been created in Canada, it was essential for GMR Safety to develop a product that could withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions such as snow and ice. To this end, we created a 3D restraining plate specially designed to withstand snow clearing operations and snow blowers. The 3D restraining plate is also equipped with a heating element that prevents the build-up of snow and ice, making it possible to secure your loading docks whatever the outdoor conditions. For more details on winter use, visit our BENEFITS & WARRANTY page.
We support our customers in their search for solutions that are both operationally and financially efficient. Our system is quick to install, so there's no downtime or disruption to loading and unloading operations. Our systems are made so that access to the dock will never be impeded in any way.


In fact, our restraining plate can be attached to any type of flooring, such as asphalt and concrete. Installation of the restraining plate (and the entire Powerchock® system) is carried out very quickly by a certified team, requires little work and can be accomplished without affecting your operations.
Yes, when the systems are installed, the team adjusts the equipment according to the type of door and leveler. Powerchock systems are connected to electrified equipment, and the sensors are linked to an audible alarm that ensures equipment safety.
The installation of Powerchock® systems is not complex, but requires the intervention of a qualified team determined by GMR Safety. This team will install the systems and provide a short user training. This training can be attended by warehouse operators, drivers and executive team members. In America, our systems are compatible with all types of warehouses (even the oldest buildings) and can be installed on both standard pavements: concrete and asphalt.

Care & Maintenance

There is no maintenance obligation. However, as Powerchock® systems are solutions linked to the safety of people and property, we recommend that you carry out visual inspections of the systems by your own teams or your service provider. It is important to note that all our systems are equipped with a self-diagnosis mode which validates the correct operation of the sensors in real time.
In addition to being a simple, robust and effective all-year-round solution, Powerchock restraining systems require virtually no maintenance due to the low cost of replacement parts. What's more, our unique warranty gives you extended coverage on both the chock and the restraining plate.
To learn more, visit our page WARRANTY & BENEFITS.
Thanks to our proven efficiency, unique market positioning and 5-year warranty, our systems are considered a real investment. By opting for the Powerchock® wheel restraint solution, you are helping to effectively secure the loading area of your warehouses. This protects the lives of the operators who are at the heart of your operations. What's more, you won't have any unpleasant surprises in the long term, as maintenance costs for Powerchock® systems are minimal. Many of our collaborators have been using the same restraint systems for over 15 years, and they're still going strong.

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