Boulanger enhances employee safety with Powerchock restraint systems

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Boulanger’s mission is to provide families with the best household appliances and multimedia devices in their homes by offering different solutions to their needs.
Boulanger does everything in its power to meet residents’ expectations while transforming every moment of daily life into a moment of conviviality. To be ‘’So Good Together’’, Boulanger provides its customers with expert advisers, its 6 own brands and a wide range of support services, including hourly delivery in Paris, next-day delivery throughout France, 7-days-a-week support, commissioning, troubleshooting, remote or home assistance, subscriptions, rentals, and reconditioned product offers.


Loading dock equipped with POWERCHOCK 3
Boulanger facility at Hénin-Beaumont in France is securing its loading dock with the POWERCHOCK 3 restraint system.

Employee safety comes first, it’s priceless.

The origins of the loading dock safety project

With a desire to offer a flawless level of safety and ensuring continuity in the flow of goods during transshipment, Boulanger sought to address issues with their old systems that would pose significant safety risks for handlers and forklift operators working at loading docks. ‘’Maintenance time with the previous wheel restraining system could last several days, during which the systems were unlocked, and operators were exposed to many risks of accidents. This issue highlighted the need to find a new solution to better the safety of the facility.’’ shares David Damerval, Safety and Maintenance Manager of the Boulanger facility in the north of France.

This warehouse, which experiences seasonal peaks in activity, is therefore looking for a reliable solution that will enable it to get off to a great start again, that is to offer excellent working conditions by protecting operators from unexpected departures. ‘’Safety employee comes first, it’s priceless. That’s why we do everything we can to protect them.’’, adds David Damerval.

POWERCHOCK 3 portable model
The loading docks of the North of France facility are equipped with the portable model - POWERCHOCK 3.

Simple selection and installation for logistics warehouse safety

In January of 2021, Boulanger calls on GMR Safety, and a month later equips all its loading docks with Powerchock vehicle restraint systems. The household appliances and multimedia specialist discovers GMR Safety and its immobilization device through one of its logistics service providers, ID Logistics, which was already using this vehicle restraint system on their logistics site near Lyon: ‘’We simply relied on ID Logistics’ experience. They were the ones who showed us the trust they had in GMR Safety and the equipment they offered.’’, says David Damerval.

Boulanger bases its choice on the positive experience of other users, as well as on recommendations from CARSAT, with whom the multimedia specialist’s teams have developed a collaborative relationship.

Other criteria prompted the group to opt for Powerchock wheel locks: low maintenance needs, ease of use and a unique 5-year warranty. ‘’Knowing that your safety equipment is covered by a 5-year warranty is reassuring, because it’s proof that it will remain functional and efficient for that length of time – or even longer’’ adds David Damerval.


Truck blocked with POWERCHOCK wheel chock
The portable POWERCHOCK 3 wheel chock set in front of the vehicle's rear wheel

The advantages of POWERCHOCK solutions according to Boulanger:

• Ease of use

• Longevity and reliability

• Low level of maintenance and the autonomy
of Boulanger’s technical teams

• Easy to dismantle and relocate the equipment

  Above all, safety for employees


Development and partnership projects

Logistics being a strategic axis of transformation, Boulanger’s objective is to make tomorrow’s warehouse the Flagship through organizational, technological, and working conditions and innovations, a Flagship centered around people. The employee is at the heart of our thinking, with technology at the service of ergonomics, safety, and performance.Boulanger’s challenge is to place people at the heart of the project approach, thanks to 3 pillars: Skills, Innovation, and workplace well-being. GMR Safety will support Boulanger in its projects to ensure the safety of their personnel.