Intellectual property: around fifteen patented solutions worldwide

The rising awareness of safety issues in the workplace has prompted many companies with warehouses to find reliable solutions to ensure a serene, accident-free working environment for their loading bay personnel. In 1996, Gaétan Jetté, President and Founder of GMR Safety, had no idea of the international impact his vehicle restraint systems would have 25 years later. Today, the SME has over a hundred employees on two continents, sharing their expertise with logistics and supply chain giants.
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A proven strategy

In November 2023, GMR Safety’s investment in research and development reached 5.53%. This commitment to developing vehicle restraint technology is in line with the strategy adopted by the world’s leading innovators. According to the Top 100 Global Leaders report published by fDi Intelligence last June, it was highlighted that key players such as Netflix, Volvo, Alibaba, General Electric and BMW had dedicated similar percentages of their revenues to R&D in 2022, ranging from 3.67% to 6.22%.

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An exclusivity

Within the company, a mixture of pride and humility is palpable, not least because of their outstanding achievements and extensive patent portfolio. With around fifteen patented solutions worldwide, GMR Safety is dedicated to protecting its Unique Selling Point (USP) for every product offered.

“Fully integrating the patentability of our inventions and innovations is an essential pillar of our new product development process. Our goal is to be exclusive and offer the best product experience to our clients. Our mission is to develop cutting-edge solutions that contribute to the advancement of safety for life,” says Riad Hadou, M.Eng. and Head of Product & Innovation.

With an ongoing commitment to patenting and developing innovative products, such as the Powerchock Hybrid, which represents the first unique solution capable of securing all types of vehicles at the same loading bay with effortless handling, the Quebec-based company continues to disrupt the industry with cutting-edge solutions.