The identity of our brand is not just a marketing story. It is at the centre of all our strategies. Above all, it is at the centre of our relationship with our customers who face operational challenges. The same customers who are looking for reliable solutions, but above all, they are looking for a long-term partnership!

Distinguish yourself. How?

As ambassadors, we have been able to share and convey to our clients our corporate values, which are at the heart of our success.

Our human commitment to understand, listen and share our expertise on the various safety issues at loading docks has been able to capture the attention of our clients and thus create a lasting emotional connection that brings reputation and credibility to the company.

Growth. Why?

The customer is at the heart of the solution. At GMR Safety, the concerns and needs of our customers are the driving force behind our innovation and optimisation projects. An external perspective, teamwork and co-construction are the best agents of rapid change!

Passion. What’s that?

The POWERCHOCK™ brand image has been redesigned to give it a more vibrant look, worthy of an inspired and passionate team! This last characteristic is by definition a value on which GMR has built its image. Our goal is now to contaminate our internal and external customers with the same passion!

Carrying our message and respecting our values is our “authentic” essence, which translates into incomparable and exceptional characteristics in the industry:

– Our 5-year warranty of robustness on the blocking system covers the untimely departure of lorries lashed to the loading docks, is unique in the world.

– Our ability to create, adapt and collaboration is a win-win situation!