Safety at the loading docks

One of the main risks of accidents at the loading dock is untimely departure, also known as unannounced departure. Most of the time, the untimely departure of the trailer is caused by an action of the truck driver, before the loading or unloading is completed.

The best-known causes and consequences are: 

1.Trailer slip: A roadway made slippery by snow/ice, a downhill slope and/or a trailer with defective brakes;

2.Poor communication: the forklift operator gives a departure clearance to the truck driver without the driver checking that the loading is complete;

3.A distraction error: often induced by fatigue and stress. The truck driver believes that the loading is complete and leaves the dock without authorization.

Is your level of safety at the loading dock optimal? 

1.Is a wheel lock system in place?

2.Is the forklift operator obligated to hurry up and load the trailer?

3.Where are the truck drivers during loading/unloading?

Several injunctions can be issued in the event of a work accident or sudden death, resulting in significant losses for the company. However, to avoid this type of situation, experts in the field of loading area security can inform you!

With more than 20 years of expertise in the international market, GMR Safety Inc. is a manufacturing company that designs robust, durable, simple and easy to use solutions for securing loading docks in logistics warehouses. The brand POWERCHOCK™, is available in a variety of models for various applications.

The POWERCHOCK™ solutions immobilize semi-trailers and trucks at the loading docks with one goal in mind; to make workers’ lives safer!

Visit the POWERCHOCK truck wheel locking systems page to know more about our securing solutions.