April 28 : World day for Safety and Health at work

Every year since 2003, April 28 has been celebrated by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and the United Nations as World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

On this occasion, these international bodies, as well as companies, governments and ministries of health around the world, promote a “culture of safety”and rights at work, and encourage the creation of good working conditions to reduce the risk of accidents and promote professional fulfilment.

 “Together, advance safety for life”.

Safety at work? GMR Safety‘s raison d’être since 1996. Designing and manufacturing innovative wheel restraint systems to secure operations at loading docks is its core business. Thanks to the reliability and robustness of the POWERCHOCK systems, the number of accidents in warehouses and logistics centres has been drastically reduced – and thus saved lives.

And this commitment to safe working conditions is of course reflected internally by the implementation of measures to protect and optimize employee workstations, such as :

– Ergonomic workstation for restraint systems assembly
– Safety barrier for mezzanine floors, allowing the transfer of goods in a safe manner, thus preventing falls from a height
– Ventilation system for evacuating fumes at the welding station
– Hoist for ergonomic handling of metal parts up to 250kg

GMR Safetymakes every effort to enable its customers’ staff, and its own Ambassadors, to return home safely when their working day is over.