Early Departure and Trailer Creep Accidents at Loading Docks

For nearly three decades, GMR Safety has led the way in loading dock safety, pioneering simple yet innovative wheel-based vehicle restraints for material handling. 

With 9% of fatalities involving forklift falls during loading and unloading operations, GMR Safety has been committed to addressing this critical issue to protect its partners’ most valuable asset – their employees. 

What is an early departure?

An early departure occurs when a truck driver mistakenly drives away before loading and unloading operations are completed. In severe cases, the forklift may be entering, leaving, or still inside the trailer, creating a significant risk for the operator. This dangerous scenario can lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. 

What is a trailer creep?

A trailer creep, also known as ‘’dock walk’’ in the industry is the repeated in-and-out motion that a forklift causes when loading and unloading a trailer. With that motion, it causes the trailer to edge ‘’creep’’, creating a hazardous gap between the trailer and the dock, and posing a severe danger to the forklift operator. 


The POWERCHOCK® concept 

Unlike regular chocks on the market, the POWERCHOCK® is designed to be exceptionally reliable and robust. Made in-house with high-tensile steel, it can withstand up to 50,000 lbs of pull-away force and is compatible with all types of vehicles. The POWERCHOCK® range is tailored to meet various preferences and needs, performing effectively in all climates, including extreme winter conditions with snow and ice. To demonstrate their reliability, all models come with a unique 5-year warranty and require no maintenance – no lubrication is needed throughout their lifetime. 

The POWERCHOCK® models are equipped with an advanced audio/visual communication system, providing clear safety insights both inside and outside the warehouse. This system indicates whether the chock is correctly positioned in front of the trailer wheel, ensuring that handling operations can start safely. 

Find out how POWERCHOCK® system help to prevent early departures and forklifts falls, known as trailer creep. YouTube Video



Choosing the right POWERCHOCK® model

Selecting the appropriate POWERCHOCK® model involves considering several factors. At GMR Safety, we are dedicated to providing a system tailored to your specific plant environment, regardless of the size of your loading docks, geographic location, or technology preferences. Our team works closely with you to ensure the chosen model meets all your safety and operational requirements. 

Don’t wait for a terrible accident to occur. Partner with the leader in loading dock safety and protect your workforce with the POWERCHOCK® system. 

During the process, our team works closely with you to ensure that the chosen model meets all your safety and operational requirements. Let one of our experts assist you.

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