Wheel restraints and securing loading docks

Trailer creeps, early departures, open loading doors…workers in the transportation and logistics industry face a number of dangers, particularly during loading and unloading operations. As it’s estimated that over 2/3 of accidents occur when vehicles are stationary, GMR Safety addresses these challenges through its innovative wheel restraint offering.

Generally speaking, and in the transportation and logistics industry in particular, workplace safety and accident prevention have become important topics for industry professionals within the span of a few years—for businesses and public authorities alike. Across France, 11 to 15 deaths are linked to loading docks every year, making it critical that the responsible players in this environment have access to safe loading dock equipment to keep abreast of these challenges.

“Unfortunately, transportation and logistics is one of the most accident-prone industries in France…this says a lot about the need to address this matter head on. This issue seems even more pressing as the number of logistics sites in Europe has been rising significantly, creating more of a flux, and more risk,” notes Gaétan Jetté, President and Founder of GMR Safety. 

There is also the question of efficiency: repair costs, unusable loading docks, damaged merchandise, spilled hazardous products…beyond the risks to personal safety, by securing vehicles at loading docks, loading and unloading processes can be carried out properly to maximize supply chain efficiency.


Founded in 1996 by Gaétan Jetté, GMR Safety is now the global leader in wheel restraint systems and loading dock management. With the goal of significantly reducing the number of accidents that occur during operations, the Canadian corporation is positioned as a true global expert in designing and manufacturing vehicle restraint systems for loading docks.

Since GMR Safety is celebrating its 25th anniversary, it is time for the company to expand their operations to more European countries! To accomplish this, GMR Safety is focusing first and foremost on their innovative potential, leveraging their design office and their hundreds of collaborators to create highly adaptive solutions that meet their partners’ needs while also accounting for future trends and constraints. 

“The various awards we have won in recent years are a perfect testament to our ability to consider all of our partners’ needs. For example, a year ago, we heard about a new type of vehicle that we had never had to secure before. We immediately set up a unit within our design office dedicated to research and development. A few months later, the solution was put on the market,” explains Vincent Trémouilhe, Director Major Accounts – Europe. 

Also, as you have likely guessed, the company doesn’t have clients—they have partners! From listening to performing analysis and follow-up, GMR Safety assists partners in finding solutions that are suited to their needs, all while offering unmatched operational and financial efficiency. 

“In general, our company operates from a human centred strategic perspective, whether through our products (to protect the lives of loading dock workers), in our partnerships or internal relations, or with our collaborators. In this regard, we offer an approach based on true partnership, in addition to our customized service offering. This positioning is what has shaped our POWERCHOCK system,” notes Nathalie Meissner, the corporation’s marketing coordinator.


A patented concept for 25 years, the POWERCHOCK system from GMR Safety combines, in practice, a heavy duty steel chock and a plate fixed to the ground. 

Its design and construction impart this product with both strength and performance. It was therefore created to withstand and adapt to a whole slew of challenges: it does not require maintenance; it does not create debris; it supports a frontal force of 50,000 lbs ; and it reliably blocks truck wheels, helping avoid unexpected departures, preventing dock walks, etc.

The result? Confident in their offering, the corporation provides their partners with an (exclusive!) 5-year warranty covering chocks, as well as restraining plates, even in the event of early departures! 

The president concludes with: “Likewise, our system follows the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS – Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique) recommendations, of course; these constitute the Bible for engineering consultants. Ultimately, loading dock equipment is considered consumable. However, thanks to our unique positioning and our 5-year warranty, our systems can be considered as real investment: no maintenance costs, product durability and strength…bolstered by our status as an industry leader, we are now seeking to expand our horizons. During the COVID 19 crisis, we have developed a restraint system for LDVs (light-duty vehicles) that addresses the needs of e-commerce and supports last mile delivery. In addition to our European expansion, within the next 18 months, we will also be launching two new innovative solutions to assist all logisticians with their operations. As I often like to say, our goal is not only to satisfy our client partners, but to amaze them!”