GMR Safety, an essential resource to ensure safe continuity for logistics warehouse operations

The health crisis has pushed logistics platforms to manage an unusual flow of goods, while they had to face new challenges. The multiplication of flows and the notion of emergency work with reduced manpower has clearly increased the risk of accidents (such as forgetting to put on the parking brake allowing the truck to move, or some miscommunication leading to an early departure) that could endanger the forklift driver.

The food chain sector, to name just one, went through a state of emergency and experienced a major disruption in the continuous supply of goods to stores and shops. GMR Safety being a company that meets essential needs, we had to respond to urgent requests of several French and European companies willing to protect their workers’ lives. The aim was to secure loading areas and thus minimize the risks of accidents due to an immense increase of loading and unloading activities.

It is important for us to remain aligned with our mission: to advance safety for life and to understand each of the operational issues we face. For GMR Safety, it is essential to share our know-how of more than 25 years with European companies who will never stop logistics activities because they can rely on robust, durable and maintenance-free systems. This is our way of participating in the economy of the transport and logistics industry, knowing that every loading dock must be profitable to the minute!

Guaranteed. 5 years. Our advantage unique on the market.