GMR Safety's ingenuity

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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

We’re very happy and proud to have won the Special Prize in the “Most Innovative Supplier” category at the first edition of the Nuit de la Supply Chain, which was held in Paris on December 6, 2021.

Organized by the REPUBLIK group and held at the prestigious Théâtre de Paris, the event brought together more than 800 professionals from the supply chain ecosystem around 50 candidate companies in four categories, including that of “Most Innovative Supplier”.

This Special Prize highlights the importance of operator safety at loading docks in logistics warehouses.


POWERCHOCK : « une vraie merveille »

The award-winning innovation? Our innovative and unique POWERCHOCK hybrid wheel restraint system, which secures all types of vehicles to the same loading dock.

Houssam Hage, Senior VP Supply Chain of the Stellantis Group, presented the prize to our employee Gilbert Daillère.

“There are subjects that are foundational, the bedrock without which everything collapses,” said Mr. Hage. “And the most important foundation is the safety and protection of our employees,” he continued, qualifying our POWERCHOCK system as “a true marvel” upon announcing GMR Safety’s win.



Thanks to its wheel chock with two heights, the new POWERCHOCK hybrid restraint system can secure at the same dock semi-trailers, carrier trucks and light commercial vehicles, the use of the latter having grown exponentially with the explosion of last mile deliveries and e-commerce.

Thank you to all the members of the jury for honoring the expertise of our teams, whose ingenuity is fueled by the ideas and information collected directly from our client-partners.