Inauguration of our new office in Terrebonne, Quebec


GMR Safety is proud to announce the inauguration of its new offices on March 8, after having invested nearly 5.6M USD (that are about 4M GBP) in a construction project adding more than 35,000 sq. ft (over 3255 m²) to the company’s existing 15,000 sq. ft (1400 m²). The project was initiated to better meet the increasing global demand for its products.

This important step for the growing company aims to create a safe and engaging environment for its employees. In order to respect COVID-barrier measures, Gaétan Jetté, President of GMR Safety, introduced employees to the premises in small groups, enabling them to discover the new space in complete safety while preserving the event’s unique and convivial atmosphere.

Recognizing our employees: motivation and commitment

In one year’s time, the production and office spaces have been expanded and designed with a view to respecting the environment and ensuring employee health and comfort.

“Our investment is essential to ensuring the satisfaction of our employees and offering them a level of comfort equivalent to that of their own homes. Employee well-being, motivation and commitment have always been at the heart of this project. Our employees are the driving force behind GMR Safety. Thanks to them, we have experienced exponential local and international growth in recent years. This is one way to thank them for their effort and dedication,” said Gaétan Jetté.

The new buildings will be used to optimally accommodate the growing number of employees and manage the company’s scale of the expansion, allowing for a significant increase in current production capacity.  “We will thus be able to support our growth through diversification and continuous product innovation in accordance with our customers’ needs,” added Gaétan Jetté.

Among the new features are multimedia meeting rooms, creative environments, enhanced lighting, upscale administrative offices and a vast lounge/cafeteria. In addition, an air conditioning system will maintain an ideal temperature throughout the plant year-round, thus providing pleasant and motivating working conditions, a first in the region.

Celebrating 25 years of GMR Safety

The inauguration is also the first of a series of activities to mark the company’s 25th anniversary this year. It is intended as a gift to employees in preparation for the main celebration. Also, in the interest of fairness, staff working abroad benefited from a budget allowing them to update their home offices.

Buying Quebecois

In order to support local companies and businesses, GMR Safety solely purchased furnishings made in Quebec. “ We made it a point of honor to promote local know-how. The renovation thus involved a slight delay and additional costs because we ordered 100% Quebec-made furniture. We are extremely pleased to contribute to the economic recovery of Quebec”, said Marie-Josée Levasseur, Director of Sales & Marketing.

Of course, due to the current situation, employees still have the option of working remotely. Nevertheless, many of them have already decided to take advantage of this stimulating new work environment, reminiscent of a trendy American start-up.